Spring has come early this year… at least to those of us in the South! After waiting for the frosts, which hardly happened at all through this winter, we’ve accepted that the sunshine and warm breezes are here to stay for this year. Whether I’m ready or not (let’s go with not) it’s garden time! 

This is my first year gardening, so I expect to make some mistakes. My plan isn’t ideal, and I’ve had to compromise a bit from my dream of a totally organic garden, but it has been necessary. I have to remind myself that not only is there always next year, but that 80% organic and 100% heirloom is still more than worthwhile!

Here’s my current list of spring garden goodies that are in the works:

  • Rocky Top Lettuce Mix and Henderson’s Black Seed Lettuce
  • Horace Boyette Burpless Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes (plants): Mortgage Lifter, Red Beefsteak, Pink Brandywine, Mr. Stripey 
  • Peppers (plants): Jalepeno, Chili Red
  • Parisienne Carrots
  • Potatoes: Yukon Gold and Red Pontiac
  • State Half Runner Beans
  • Banana Melon
  • Orangeglo Watermelon
  • Sweet Mint (plant)
  • Genovese Basil
  • Thai Red Roselle Hibiscus

These are just the fruits, veggies, and herbs I have yet to plant. On the property, there’s already persimmon, plum, pear, and pecan trees, and a plethora of blueberry bushes for the edibles. As far as flowers, there is everything from Seven Sisters roses to English violets, and trees from crape myrtles to ironwood. 

And now, to set the stage…

My garden will be planted here soon!

Blueberry bushes, covered in blooms… and in the background, the neighbor’s muscadine vine.

My itty bitty country house!

I try to remember that being excited by the little things is a good thing… and somehow, even my tiny little house looks homey and inviting when I think of it in that light!